Meyer Plows have America’s best warranty
with complete coverage up to 5 years on all components and structural steel.


The Diamond Edge is 3" taller and has a 70-degree attack angle making it
more aggressive than competitive models to clear snow faster and throw it farther.

Hands-free plowing

By using the vehicles shift lever, Hands-Free Plowing (HFP) raises or lowers
the plow when you shift into drive or reverse – and only Meyer has it.

Adjustable Stops

The Diamond Edge comes standard with a center punched reversible cutting edge
allowing longer plow life. The robust 1" trip-edge pins add strength during tripping action.

Mounting Distance

The Diamond Edge has a wider and more robust pivot frame than the competition.
And when mounted, The Diamond Edge is approximately 6" closer to the front
of the vehicle, reducing stress on the vehicle, tires and suspension.


Adding accessories to the Diamond Edge requires no modifications or drilling.
Cutting edges, wings, curb guards and deflectors
use existing pre-drilled holes and can be added in minutes.


The custom molded Diamond Edge hydraulic cover comes standard
and protects the unit from the elements.

Construction, tubular steel

The Diamond Edge utilizes tubular construction vs. a C-channel with welded plates.
Tubular steel creates a stronger, more reliable frame to absorb the punishment of everyday plowing.

Slot and Tab

The Diamond Edge uses slot and tab construction, which is a more precise way
to fit steel together and results in a stronger, more reliable assembly.


The Meyer Diamond Edge is stronger at critical stress areas.
As the Finite Element Analysis indicates, the lighter color signifies higher stress under load.


The Diamond Edge has two lift chains to evenly distribute the load
and serves as a back-up in case there is chain failure.


The Diamond Edge has grease points in critical wear and pivot areas.
This allows you to do quick maintenance and increases the service life of critical components.


The EZ-Mount Plus mounting system is fleet friendly because
the moldboards and controllers are interchangeable with other Meyer plows.


A patented one-piece plug on the Diamond Edge requires only one connection
for fast mount/dismount of the plow. Competitive models may require you to manage three plugs.


Meyer Diamond Edge trip-springs are field adjustable
and require no special tools to install.


The Diamond Edge jack is infinitely adjustable
making it easier to mount the plow on uneven or soft surfaces.


The Diamond Edge lights can be mounted at different heights using the pre-drilled holes on the arm.
This allows for easy adjustment for any size vehicle.


The Diamond Edge has easy access fill and drain plugs.
The location of the plugs will not allow fluid to spill on the lift frame.
The translucent hydraulic reservoir makes it easy to check fluid levels.